List retention policies


Retrieves all of the retention policies for an enterprise.



Query Parameters

stringin queryoptional

Filters results by the ID of the user who created policy.

string arrayin queryoptional

A comma-separated list of attributes to include in the response. This can be used to request fields that are not normally returned in a standard response.

Be aware that specifying this parameter will have the effect that none of the standard fields are returned in the response unless explicitly specified, instead only fields for the mini representation are returned, additional to the fields requested.

integer / int64in queryoptional

The maximum number of items to return per page.

stringin queryoptional

Defines the position marker at which to begin returning results. This is used when paginating using marker-based pagination.

stringin queryoptional
"Sales Policy"

Filters results by a case sensitive prefix of the name of retention policies.

stringin queryoptional

Filters results by the type of retention policy.

Value is one of finite,indefinite


application/jsonRetention policies

Returns a list retention policies in the enterprise.

application/jsonClient error

Returns a bad_request if a non existent policy_type was specified.

application/jsonClient error

Returns a not_found error if the user specified in created_by_user_id does not exist.

application/jsonClient error

An unexpected client error.

List retention policies
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Request Example

curl -i -X GET "" \
     -H "authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>"
BoxCollectionMarkerBased<BoxRetentionPolicy> policies = await client.RetentionPoliciesManager
Iterable<BoxRetentionPolicy.Info> policies = BoxRetentionPolicy.getAll(api);
for (BoxRetentionPolicy.Info policyInfo : policies) {
	// Do something with the retention policy.
retention_policies = client.get_retention_policies()
for policy in retention_policies:
    print(f'The policy ID is {} and the name is {policy.policy_name}')
client.retentionPolicies.getAll({ policy_name: 'Tax' }).then((policies) => {
	/* policies -> {
			[ { type: 'retention_policy',
				id: '123456789',
				name: 'Tax Documents' } ],
			limit: 100,
			next_marker: 'someMarkerString' }
let iterator = client.retentionPolicy.list(type: .indefinite) { results in
    switch results {
    case let .success(page):
        for policy in page.entries {
            print("Retention policy \(")
    case let .failure(error):

Response Example

  "entries": [
      "id": "12345",
      "type": "retention_policy",
      "policy_name": "Some Policy Name",
      "retention_length": "365",
      "disposition_action": "permanently_delete",
      "description": "Policy to retain all reports for at least one month",
      "policy_type": "finite",
      "retention_type": "non_modifiable",
      "status": "active",
      "created_by": {
        "id": "11446498",
        "type": "user",
        "name": "Aaron Levie",
        "login": ""
      "created_at": "2012-12-12T10:53:43-08:00",
      "modified_at": "2012-12-12T10:53:43-08:00",
      "can_owner_extend_retention": false,
      "are_owners_notified": false,
      "custom_notification_recipients": [
          "id": "11446498",
          "type": "user",
          "name": "Aaron Levie",
          "login": ""
      "assignment_counts": {
        "enterprise": 1,
        "folder": 1,
        "metadata_template": 1
  "limit": 1000,
  "next_marker": "JV9IRGZmieiBasejOG9yDCRNgd2ymoZIbjsxbJMjIs3kioVii"