List file version legal holds


Get a list of file versions on legal hold for a legal hold assignment.

Due to ongoing re-architecture efforts this API might not return all file versions for this policy ID.

Instead, this API will only return file versions held in the legacy architecture. Two new endpoints will available to request any file versions held in the new architecture.

For file versions held in the new architecture, the GET /legal_hold_policy_assignments/:id/file_versions_on_hold API can be used to return all past file versions available for this policy assignment, and the GET /legal_hold_policy_assignments/:id/files_on_hold API can be used to return any current (latest) versions of a file under legal hold.

The GET /legal_hold_policy_assignments?policy_id={id} API can be used to find a list of policy assignments for a given policy ID.

Once the re-architecture is completed this API will be deprecated.



Query Parameters

integer / int64in queryoptional

The maximum number of items to return per page.

stringin queryoptional

Defines the position marker at which to begin returning results. This is used when paginating using marker-based pagination.

This requires usemarker to be set to true.

stringin queryrequired

The ID of the legal hold policy to get the file version legal holds for.


Returns the list of file version legal holds for a specific legal hold policy.

application/jsonClient error

An unexpected client error.

List file version legal holds
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Request Example

curl -i -X GET "" \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>"
BoxLegalHoldPolicy policy = new BoxLegalHoldPolicy(api, id);
Iterable<BoxFileVersionLegalHold.Info> fileVersionHolds = policy.getFileVersionHolds();
for (BoxFileVersionLegalHold.Info fileVersionHold : fileVersionHolds) {
	// Do something with the file version legal hold.
legal_holds = client.legal_hold_policy(policy_id='12345').get_file_version_legal_holds()
for legal_hold in legal_holds:
    print('Got file version legal hold with ID {0}'.format(
let iterator = client.legalHolds.listFileVersionPolicies(policyId: "1234") { result in
    switch results {
    case let .success(page):
        for hold in page.entries {
            print("Legal hold \(")

    case let .failure(error):

Response Example

  "type": "error",
  "code": "item_name_invalid",
  "help_url": "",
  "message": "Method Not Allowed",
  "request_id": "abcdef123456",
  "status": 400