Update group


Updates a specific group. Only admins of this group or users with admin-level permissions will be able to use this API.



Path Parameters

stringin pathrequired

The ID of the group.

Query Parameters

string arrayin queryoptional

A comma-separated list of attributes to include in the response. This can be used to request fields that are not normally returned in a standard response.

Be aware that specifying this parameter will have the effect that none of the standard fields are returned in the response unless explicitly specified, instead only fields for the mini representation are returned, additional to the fields requested.

Request Body

stringin bodyoptional
""Customer Support Group - as imported from Active Directory""255

A human readable description of the group.

stringin bodyoptional

An arbitrary identifier that can be used by external group sync tools to link this Box Group to an external group.

Example values of this field could be an Active Directory Object ID or a Google Group ID.

We recommend you use of this field in order to avoid issues when group names are updated in either Box or external systems.

stringin bodyoptional

Specifies who can invite the group to collaborate on folders.

When set to admins_only the enterprise admin, co-admins, and the group's admin can invite the group.

When set to admins_and_members all the admins listed above and group members can invite the group.

When set to all_managed_users all managed users in the enterprise can invite the group.

Value is one of admins_only,admins_and_members,all_managed_users

stringin bodyoptional

Specifies who can see the members of the group.

  • admins_only - the enterprise admin, co-admins, group's group admin
  • admins_and_members - all admins and group members
  • all_managed_users - all managed users in the enterprise

Value is one of admins_only,admins_and_members,all_managed_users

stringin bodyoptional
"Customer Support"

The name of the new group to be created. Must be unique within the enterprise.

stringin bodyoptional
"Active Directory"255

Keeps track of which external source this group is coming, for example Active Directory, or Okta.

Setting this will also prevent Box admins from editing the group name and its members directly via the Box web application.

This is desirable for one-way syncing of groups.


application/jsonGroup (Full)

Returns the updated group object.

application/jsonClient error

Returns an error a conflict is stopping the group from being created.

  • invalid_parameter: Often returned if the group name is not unique in the enterprise.
application/jsonClient error

An unexpected client error.

Update group
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Request Example

curl -i -X PUT "https://api.box.com/2.0/groups/57645" \
     -H "authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>" \
     -H "content-type: application/json" \
     -d '{
       "name": "Customer Support"
var updates = new BoxGroupRequest()
    Name = "New group name"
BoxGroup updatedGroup = await client.GroupsManager.UpdateAsync("11111", updates);
BoxGroup group = new BoxGroup(api, id);
BoxGroup.Info groupInfo = group.getInfo();
groupInfo.setName("New name for My Group");
group_update = {'name': 'New Group Name'}
updated_group = client.group(group_id='11111').update_info(data=group_update)
print(f'Changed the name of group {updated_group.id} to "{updated_group.name}"')
client.groups.update('11111', {name: 'New group name'})
	.then(group => {
		/* group -> {
			type: 'group',
			id: '11111',
			name: 'New group name',
			created_at: '2014-09-15T13:15:35-07:00',
			modified_at: '2014-09-16T13:15:35-07:00' }
client.groups.update(groupId: "11111", name: "Team A", provenance: .value("Test"), externalSyncIdentifier: .value("Test Sync"), description: .value("Test Description"), invitabilityLevel: .allManagedUsers, memberViewabilityLevel: .allManagedUsers) { 
(result: Result<Group, BoxSDKError>) in
    guard case let .success(group) = result else {
        print("Error updating the group")

    print("Group \(group.name) was updated with description: \(group.description)")

TypeScript Gen
await client.groups.updateGroupById(group.id, {
  requestBody: { name: updatedGroupName } satisfies UpdateGroupByIdRequestBody,
} satisfies UpdateGroupByIdOptionalsInput);
Python Gen
client.groups.update_group_by_id(group.id, name=updated_group_name)
.NET (Beta)
await client.Groups.UpdateGroupByIdAsync(groupId: group.Id, requestBody: new UpdateGroupByIdRequestBody() { Name = updatedGroupName });

Response Example

  "id": "11446498",
  "type": "group",
  "created_at": "2012-12-12T10:53:43-08:00",
  "description": "Support Group - as imported from Active Directory",
  "external_sync_identifier": "AD:123456",
  "group_type": "managed_group",
  "invitability_level": "admins_only",
  "member_viewability_level": "admins_only",
  "modified_at": "2012-12-12T10:53:43-08:00",
  "name": "Support",
  "permissions": {
    "can_invite_as_collaborator": true
  "provenance": "Active Directory"