Metadata filter

A metadata template used to filter the search results.

associative array

Specifies which fields on the template to filter the search results by. When more than one field is specified, the query performs a logical AND to ensure that the instance of the template matches each of the fields specified.


Specifies the scope of the template to filter search results by.

This will be enterprise_{enterprise_id} for templates defined for use in this enterprise, and global for general templates that are available to all enterprises using Box.

Value is one of global,enterprise,enterprise_{enterprise_id}


The key of the template used to filter search results.

In many cases the template key is automatically derived of its display name, for example Contract Template would become contractTemplate. In some cases the creator of the template will have provided its own template key.

Please list the templates for an enterprise, or get all instances on a file or folder to inspect a template's key.

Response Example

  "filters": {
    "category": "online"
  "scope": "enterprise",
  "templateKey": "contract"