Metadata template

A template for metadata that can be applied to files and folders


The ID of the metadata template.



Value is always metadata_template


Whether or not to include the metadata when a file or folder is copied.

Product Info4096

The display name of the template. This can be seen in the Box web app and mobile apps.

object array

An ordered list of template fields which are part of the template. Each field can be a regular text field, date field, number field, as well as a single or multi-select list.


The unique ID of the metadata template field.


The type of field. The basic fields are a string field for text, a float field for numbers, and a date fields to present the user with a date-time picker.

Additionally, metadata templates support an enum field for a basic list of items, and multiSelect field for a similar list of items where the user can select more than one value.

Note: The integer value is deprecated. It is still present in the response, but cannot be used in the POST request.

Value is one of string,float,date,enum,multiSelect,integer

The category4096

A description of the field. This is not shown to the user.


The display name of the field as it is shown to the user in the web and mobile apps.


Whether this field is hidden in the UI for the user and can only be set through the API instead.


A unique identifier for the field. The identifier must be unique within the template to which it belongs.

object array

A list of options for this field. This is used in combination with the enum and multiSelect field types.


The internal unique identifier of the the option.

Category 1

The text value of the option. This represents both the display name of the option and the internal key used when updating templates.


Defines if this template is visible in the Box web app UI, or if it is purely intended for usage through the API.


The scope of the metadata template can either be global or enterprise_*. The global scope is used for templates that are available to any Box enterprise. The enterprise_* scope represents templates that have been created within a specific enterprise, where * will be the ID of that enterprise.


A unique identifier for the template. This identifier is unique across the scope of the enterprise to which the metadata template is being applied, yet is not necessarily unique across different enterprises.

Response Example

  "id": "58063d82-4128-7b43-bba9-92f706befcdf",
  "type": "metadata_template",
  "copyInstanceOnItemCopy": true,
  "displayName": "Product Info",
  "fields": [
      "type": "string",
      "key": "category",
      "displayName": "Category",
      "description": "The category",
      "hidden": true,
      "options": [
          "key": "Category 1",
          "id": "45dc2849-a4a7-40a9-a751-4a699a589190"
      "id": "822227e0-47a5-921b-88a8-494760b2e6d2"
  "hidden": true,
  "scope": "enterprise_123456",
  "templateKey": "productInfo"