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Upload session

An upload session for chunk uploading a file.


The unique identifier for this session



Value is always upload_session

integer / int32

The number of parts that have been uploaded and processed by the server. This starts at 0.

When committing a file files, inspecting this property can provide insight if all parts have been uploaded correctly.

integer / int64

The size in bytes that must be used for all parts of of the upload.

Only the last part is allowed to be of a smaller size.

A list of endpoints for this session.

The URL for used to abort the session.

The URL used to commit the file

The URL users to list all parts.

The URL used to get the upload log from.

The URL used to get the status of the upload.

The URL to upload parts to

string / date-time

The date and time when this session expires.

integer / int32

The total number of parts expected in this upload session, as determined by the file size and part size.

Response Example

  "id": "F971964745A5CD0C001BBE4E58196BFD",
  "type": "upload_session",
  "num_parts_processed": 455,
  "part_size": 1024,
  "session_endpoints": {
    "abort": "",
    "commit": "",
    "list_parts": "",
    "log_event": "",
    "status": "",
    "upload_part": ""
  "session_expires_at": "2012-12-12T10:53:43-08:00",
  "total_parts": 1000