Transcript Skill Card

A Box Skill metadata card that adds a transcript to a file.



Value is always skill_card

string / date-time

The optional date and time this card was created at.


An optional total duration in seconds.

Used with a skill_card_type of transcript or timeline.

object array

An list of entries for the card. This represents the individual entries of the transcription.

object array

Defines when a transcribed bit of text appears. This only includes a start time and no end time.


The time in seconds when an entry should start appearing on a timeline.

"Hi, and welcome to this video..."

The text of the entry. This would be the transcribed text assigned to the entry on the timeline.


The invocation of this service, used to track which instance of a service applied the metadata.


A custom identifier that represent the instance of the service that applied this metadata. For example, if your image-recognition-service runs on multiple nodes, this field can be used to identify the ID of the node that was used to apply the metadata.



Value is always skill_invocation


The service that applied this metadata.


A custom identifier that represent the service that applied this metadata.



Value is always service

The title of the card.


An optional identifier for the title.

"My Transcripts"

The actual title to show in the UI.



Value is always transcript

Response Example

  "type": "skill_card",
  "created_at": "2018-04-13T13:53:23-07:00",
  "duration": 1000,
  "entries": [
      "text": "Hi, and welcome to this video...",
      "appears": [
          "start": 1
  "invocation": {
    "id": "transciption-service-123",
    "type": "skill_invocation"
  "skill": {
    "id": "transciption-service",
    "type": "service"
  "skill_card_title": {
    "code": "my_transcripts",
    "message": "My Transcripts"
  "skill_card_type": "transcript"