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Device pinners

A list of device pins

A list of device pins

integer / int64

The limit that was used for these entries. This will be the same as the limit query parameter unless that value exceeded the maximum value allowed.

integer / int64

The marker for the start of the next page of results.

object array

The order by which items are returned.


The field that is ordered by

Value is always id


The direction to order by, either ascending or descending

Value is one of asc,desc

Response Example

  "entries": [
      "id": "11446498",
      "type": "device_pinner",
      "owned_by": {
        "id": "11446498",
        "type": "user",
        "name": "Aaron Levie",
        "login": ""
      "product_name": "iPad"
  "limit": 200,
  "next_marker": 3000,
  "order": [
      "by": "id",
      "direction": "asc"