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    Get file collaborations


    Retrieves a list of collaborations for a file. This returns all the users that have access to the file.



    Path Parameters

    stringin pathrequired

    The unique identifier that represent a file.

    The ID for any file can be determined by visiting a file in the web application and copying the ID from the URL. For example, for the url https://* the file_id is 123.

    Query Parameters

    string arrayin queryoptional

    A comma-separated list of attributes to include in the response. This can be used to request fields that are not normally returned in a standard response.

    Be aware that specifying this parameter will have the effect that none of the standard fields are returned in the response unless explicitly specified, instead only fields for the mini representation are returned, additional to the fields requested.

    integer / int64in queryoptional

    The maximum number of items to return per page.

    integer / int64in queryoptional

    The offset of the item at which to begin the response.



    Returns a collection of collaboration objects. If there are no collaborations on this file an empty collection will be returned.

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    Request Example

    curl -X GET \
         -H "Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>"
    BoxFile file = new BoxFile(api, "id");
    Iterable<BoxCollaboration.Info> collaborations = file.getAllFileCollaborations();
    collaborations = client.file(file_id='11111').get_collaborations()
    for collab in collaborations
        target = collab.accessible_by
        print('{0} {1} is collaborated on the file'.format(target.type.capitalize(),
    var fileID = '98765';
    	.then(collaborations => {
    		/* collaborations -> {
    			total_count: 1,
    			entries: [
    					type: 'collaboration',
    					id: '11111',
    					created_by: {
    						type: 'user',
    						id: '22222',
    						name: 'Example User',
    						login: ''
    					created_at: '2011-11-29T12:56:35-08:00',
    					modified_at: '2012-09-11T15:12:32-07:00',
    					expires_at: null,
    					status: 'accepted',
    					accessible_by: {
    						type: 'user',
    						id: '33333',
    						name: 'Collaborator User',
    						login: ''
    					role: 'editor',
    					acknowledged_at: '2011-11-29T12:59:40-08:00',
    					item: null

    Response Example

      "total_count": 5000,
      "limit": 1000,
      "offset": 2000,
      "order": [
          "by": "type",
          "direction": "ASC"
      "entries": [
          "id": 11446498,
          "type": "collaboration",
          "item": {
            "id": 11446498,
            "type": "file",
            "sequence_id": 3,
            "etag": 1,
            "name": "Pictures"
          "accessible_by": {
            "id": 11446498,
            "type": "user",
            "name": "Aaron Levie",
            "login": ""
          "invite_email": "",
          "role": "editor",
          "expires_at": "2012-12-12T10:53:43-08:00",
          "status": "accepted",
          "acknowledged_at": "2012-12-12T10:53:43-08:00",
          "created_by": {
            "id": 11446498,
            "type": "user",
            "name": "Aaron Levie",
            "login": ""
          "created_at": "2012-12-12T10:53:43-08:00",
          "modified_at": "2012-12-12T10:53:43-08:00",
          "acceptance_requirements_status": {
            "terms_of_service_requirement": {
              "is_accepted": true,
              "terms_of_service": {
                "id": 11446498,
                "type": "terms_of_service"
            "strong_password_requirement": {
              "enterprise_has_strong_password_required_for_external_users": true,
              "user_has_strong_password": true
            "two_factor_authentication_requirement": {
              "enterprise_has_two_factor_auth_enabled": true,
              "user_has_two_factor_authentication_enabled": true