Update metadata on a file

Update metadata on a file

Once metadata has been applied to a file or folder there is often a need to update the metadata at a later date.

Updating a metadata instance is done by applying a set of operations to the original data. These operations are performed atomically, ensuring that the changes are either all applied or not applied at all.

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In this case, let's assume we want to change the name of the customer from Box, Inc to Box. We can apply two operations, firstly, we ensure the value of the name is still Box, Inc before we change it, and secondly we make the change.

curl -X PUT https://api.box.com/2.0/files/12345/metadata/enterprise/customerInfo \
    -H "authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>" \
    -H "content-type: application/json-patch+json" \
    -d '[
        "op": "test",
        "path": "/name",
        "value": "Box, Inc"
        "op": "replace",
        "path": "/name",
        "value": "Box"
var updates = new List<BoxMetadataUpdate>()
  new BoxMetadataUpdate()
      Op = MetadataUpdateOp.test,
      Path = "/name",
      Value = "Box, Inc"
  new BoxMetadataUpdate()
      Op = MetadataUpdateOp.replace,
      Path = "/name",
      Value = "Box"
Dictionary<string, object> updatedMetadata = await client.MetadataManager
    .UpdateFileMetadataAsync("12345", updates, "enterprise", "customerInfo");
BoxFile file = new BoxFile(api, "12345");
  new Metadata().test("/name", "Box, Inc").replace("/name", "Box")
file = client.file(file_id='12345')
metadata = file.metadata(scope='enterprise', template='customerInfo')

updates = metadata.start_update()
updates.test('/name', 'Box, Inc')
updates.replace('/name', 'Box')

var updates = [
    { op: 'test', path: '/name', value: 'Box, Inc' },
    { op: 'replace', path: '/name', value: 'Box' }

).then(metadata => {

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The API will return the updated metadata instance.

  "name": "Box",
  "industry": "Technology",
  "tav": 1000000,
  "$id": "01234500-12f1-1234-aa12-b1d234cb567e",
  "$parent": "folder_12345,",
  "$scope": "enterprise_34567",
  "$template": "customerInfo",
  "$type": "customerInfo-6bcba49f-ca6d-4d2a-a758-57fe6edf44d0",
  "$typeVersion": 2,
  "$version": 1,
  "$canEdit": true