Create a metadata cascade policy

Create a metadata cascade policy

When a metadata template has been applied to a folder, a metadata cascade policy can be created by calling the POST /metadata_cascade_policies API endpoint with the folder_id of the folder to apply the policy to, and the scope and templateKey of metadata template to.

curl -i -X POST "" \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>" \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -d '{
       "folder_id": "12321",
       "scope": "enterprise_27335",
       "templateKey": "productInfo"
folder = client.folder(folder_id='22222')
metadata_template = client.metadata_template('enterprise', 'securityClassiciation')

cascade_policy = folder.cascade_metadata(metadata_template)
print('Folder {0} has a metadata cascade policy for {1} template "{2}"'.format(,

To get the scope and templateKey for a template, either list all metadata templates, or list all instances on an file.

A cascade policy can only be created if a metadata instance has already been applied to the folder with the given scope and templateKey.