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Get a metadata cascade policy

Get a metadata cascade policy

Information for a metadata cascade policy can be retrieved by calling the GET /metadata_cascade_policies/:id API endpoint with the id of the policy.

curl -i -X GET "" \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>"
BoxMetadataCascadePolicy retrievedCascadePolicy = await client.MetadataCascadePolicyManager
    .GetCascadePolicyAsync("12345", IEnumerable<string> fields = null);
String cascadePolicyID = "1234";
BoxMetadataCascadePolicy metadataCascadePolicy = new BoxMetadataCascadePolicy(api, cascadePolicyID);
BoxMetadataCascadePolicy.Info metadataCascadePolicyInfo = metadataCascadePolicy.getInfo();
cascade_policy = client.metadata_cascade_policy('84113349-794d-445c-b93c-d8481b223434').get()
print(f'Cascade policy applies to a template owned by enterprise {}')
var policyID = '84113349-794d-445c-b93c-d8481b223434';
	.then(cascadePolicy => {
		/* cascadePolicy -> {
			id: '84113349-794d-445c-b93c-d8481b223434',
			type: 'metadata_cascade_policy',
			owner_enterprise: {
				type: 'enterprise',
				id: '11111'
			parent: {
				type: 'folder',
				id: '22222'
			scope: 'enterprise_11111',
			templateKey: 'testTemplate'

To get the id of the policy, list all policies for the folder.