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Metadata template scopes

Metadata templates are grouped into two distinct groups, or scopes.

  • global: a group of templates that is available to everyone using Box, regardless of the enterprise they are in. An example is the template that serves as a place to put free-form key/value string pairs without any additional schema associated with it.
  • enterprise or enterprise_*: a group of templates defined by a user within an enterprise. These templates are either created by admin's in the web application, or by applications using the API. When accessing or creating templates for within the authenticated user's enterprise a short-hand of enterprise can be used. When accessing templates that belong to another enterprise - for example when accessing metadata on files belonging to other enterprises - the scope enterprise_* is used where * is the ID of the enterprise the template belongs to.


It is important to note that no metadata templates can be created within the global scope, and that metadata templates made within the user's enterprise can only be accessed by users with access to that enterprise.