Box enables users and applications to apply a security classification label to files, and cascade a classification label to folders and their contents. Classifications help protect shared sensitive content from negligent access through Box's Governance and Shield products.

The Classification API can be used to create new classification labels and to assign classifications to files and folders.

String field

Classifications use the Metadata APIs to create classification labels, and to assign classifications to files and folders. For more details on metadata templates and instances, please explore our guides on Metadata.

Classifications & Metadata

Working with classifications requires a developer to work with metadata templates and instances.

  • The Classification Template: to work with classifications, an enterprise needs to have a classification metadata template with at least one classification. This template needs to have a scope/templateKey of enterprise.securityClassification-6VMVochwUWo. This template will hold the possible classification levels, their label names, descriptions, and colorID values.
  • Template Instances: to apply a classification to a file or folder, a developer applies an instance of the enterprise.securityClassification-6VMVochwUWo template to the item. When the template is applied, one of the classifications is selected from the list of classifications on the template.