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Getting Started

Our documentation is divided into four main sections:

  • API Reference: Endpoint documentation
  • Guides: Information about endpoint usage not covered by reference documentation
  • Quick Starts: Step by step tutorials for specific API features
  • SDK and Tools: Information about official Box SDKs and tooling

If you are new to development with the Box API, we recommend following the steps below to guide you through the main concepts and content.

If you have questions, checkout our forum.

  1. Evaluate if your use case is a good fit for Box
  2. Understand the different types of Box users
  3. Explore user models
  4. Explore common architecture patterns
  5. Select the proper application type for your use case
  6. Select the proper authentication method for your use case
  7. Configure your application
  8. Obtain Admin authorization of your application (if applicable)
  9. Explore development tools
  10. Explore endpoints and make API calls using common values