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Authentication with the Box API uses an Access Token to identify a user. The way in which an Access Token is acquired depends on the method used to authorize a user. The type of authorization available to an application depends on the use-case as well as the type of application that has been created in the developer console.

Box Application TypeAuthorization methods
Custom AppOAuth 2.0 or JWT
Limited Access AppApp token
Custom SkillNo authorization needed

Learn how to select an authorization type

Access Tokens for Authentication

Every API endpoint requires a valid and active Access Token to make API calls. An Access Token is a unique string that identifies an authenticated Box user to the API endpoints.

curl \
  -H "authorization: Bearer EGmDmRVfhfHsqesn5yVYHAqUkD0dyDfk"

User Authorization

There are a few ways to get an an Access Token for a user. There is client-side authorization through OAuth 2.0, server-side authorization using JWT, as well as a long lived App Token and a short-lived Developer Token.