Use Cases

Use Cases

Before beginning application development, it is best to assess if your use case is a good fit for the Box Platform. Generally speaking, content centric processes perform best.

Some questions to ask when assessing if a use case include:

  • Is content always involved in the process?
  • Does the process involve moving content from one place to another?
  • Can the workflow abide by waterfall permissions?
  • Does the process involve administrative tasks that may be automated?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you most likely have a great use case for Box Platform.

Some common customer solutions include:

  • Marketing asset management
  • Secure document vaults
  • Wealth management portals
  • Automatic folder creation based on user provisioning
  • Adding relevant metadata using machine learning
  • Claim reviews with built-in approval/rejection flows
  • Event monitoring for security and auditing

Still not sure if you have a good use case? Reach out to your Box account team.