Application Types

Application Types

Box offers various application types to cater to different needs and use cases in application development. Each provides different capabilities and authentication method options.

Custom App

Custom Apps are versatile and can accommodate most use cases. They allow developers to present Box functionalities within a custom interface. Box provides customizable UI Elements for tasks like browsing, searching, and previewing content. These apps support OAuth 2.0, JWT, and Client Credentials Grant for authentication. Custom Apps are ideal for applications that need to access both their own and others' files, upload and download files, and potentially be listed in the Box App Center.

Limited Access App

Limited Access Apps are specifically designed for leveraging Box View or previewing Box content within another application. They have access to a limited number of endpoints and only support App Token authentication. These apps are suitable for use cases like showcasing a professional’s portfolio on a website, providing user manuals on a support site, or creating a custom document viewer for e-books or architectural plans.

Box Skills

Box Skills, or Custom Skills, are applications that perform custom processing on files uploaded to Box. They use third-party Machine Learning services to extract information from files and apply it as metadata. These skills are enabled on a folder by a Box Admin, and the application server receives an event every time a file is uploaded. Custom Skills are best used for adding metadata to files and integrating with Machine Learning services without handling authentication.

Web App Integrations

Web App Integrations allow third-party applications to integrate seamlessly with the Box user experience. They enable users to edit, share, or modify content stored in Box using a third-party application. Such integrations can add new features to Box users and be added to Recommended Apps in Box Preview, enhancing the user experience by integrating with various content types and file extensions.

App Center Publication

The Box App Center is a platform for Box users to discover applications that can be used in conjunction with Box. For developers, listing their application in the App Center is an effective way to reach new users, particularly for applications suited for use by other enterprises. The process for App Center publication involves ensuring the app is production-ready, leverages OAuth 2.0 authentication, and submitting it for approval through the Developer Console. Once approved, applications can be featured, most popular, or recently added sections in the App Center, and they can also be unpublished if necessary.