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Publish your application

When you finish the app configuration and testing, you can publish it in the Box App Center. It allows customers to find your application and add it to their Box accounts.

Only applications that use the OAuth 2.0 authentication have a built-in publication option. You can use other user authentication types, but such app can only serve as a marketing listing in the App Center and redirect customers to your website.

To publish your app:

  1. Open the Dev Console.
  2. Select the application you want to publish.
  3. Go to the App Center tab and submit your app.

This action gives you access to the marketing section of the application, where you need to add the following app information:

  • General App Info - choose correct categories and platforms for your application to make it easier to find in the App Center,
  • App Description - make sure it contains all information about your application that the customers may find useful,
    • Short Description appears next to your app logo, together with your app name;
    • Long Description is what the users see after they select your app to view its details. You can add clickable links to the long description.

Specific guidelines for screenshots and logos are provided in the Dev Console.

When you're finished with providing the details about your app, submit your app for approval. Box will review your application and publish it in the App Center.

In case of any questions or issues, contact the Partners team: