What is Box View

Box View is an API service that allows customers and developers to display high-fidelity, interactive viewers for documents, images, videos, 360 images and videos, 3D files and more in custom web and mobile applications. Using Box View, customers and developers can display nearly any file type in their app without having to build their own viewers.


How does the new Box View work

To get started with the New Box View, follow our guide here.

Please follow our guide here to choose the best method for your use case.

What file types are supported in the new Box View

Click here to see all supported file types.

Which file types are not supported on mobile in the new Box View

  • All documents supported on web preview are supported on mobile browsers (Safari for iOS and Chrome).
  • Full annotations support is available for mobile via the Content Preview UI Element, which leverages Box Annotations.
  • Mobile SDKs (for iOS and Android) do not support 360 Videos/Images, and 3D.
  • Mobile SDKs (for iOS and Android) do not support annotations (both read and write).

What are annotations

Annotations are mark up notes on a file rendering generated from Box View. Annotations allow end users to collaborate on a file rendering.

After uploading a file, how can my application get file representations

Box Representations lets you get the digital assets created for files stored in Box. You can use these endpoints to get PDF, text, image, and thumbnail representations for a file.

Can I use the new Box View with storage providers other than Box

Currently, the new Box View is only compatible with files that are stored in Box. You can delete the files from Box once you no longer need to display them. However, you would need to upload it again in order to generate the preview. For this reason, we recommend keeping the files stored in Box for at least as long as you want to be able to display them.

How do I fix the CORS error Box gives me when I embed a Box UI Element

To fix the CORS error, you have to allow each domain you wish to allow to make CORS requests. You can allow the domain on your application's configuration page within the Box developer console. If you have many subdomains that you want to use the UI element on, you can use a wildcard for the subdomain (https://*.domain.com). See the CORS guide for more information.

How can I replace the Box logo that shows up on preview

See this guide for information on customizing the logo within a Preview UI Element.


How is the new Box View priced

The new Box View is priced based on the number of API calls, total storage, and bandwidth that an application will require to upload, convert, and display files within an application. A conversion occurs when a file is uploaded via the API to Box and is prepared to be displayed in an app. A conversion happens only one time per file.

Customers will license appropriate levels of API calls, storage, and bandwidth to meet their use case. We estimate the resource allocation based on the number of files a customer estimates will be uploaded and converted each month. We offer volume discounts as customers purchase more API calls, storage, or bandwidth. Additional resources can be purchased as needed depending on the customer's use case.

For example, if a customer estimates that they will be converting 250,000 documents per month, it will require 1,250,000 API calls, 110 GB of total storage, and 1.637 TB of bandwidth per month. These calculations are based on common patterns in our API usage. Once we have an estimate of the number of files they will be converting, we can generate a quote.

INPUT - Estimated Monthly Conversions: 250,000

Monthly API Calls: 1,250,000 Total Storage (TB): 0.110 Monthly Bandwidth (TB): 1.637 List Price Total: $3,297 per month