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Manage Slack integration folder mappings

This script helps manage the folder mappings between Slack and Box if using Box as the content store for Slack. It creates a list of current Slack channel and Box folder mappings and can create or update mappings based on input csv. This script will maintain all permissions.

For more details, you can checkout the Github repo.


Clone script

Clone this GitHub repo or download files from the /examples directory

git clone


Install the latest version of dotnet core.

MacOS & Linux

Install PowerShell. Run the pwsh command to test the installation.


Depending on the directory you are running the command in, the output may differ. For example:

PowerShell 7.2.5
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.
Type 'help' to get help.

PS /Users/user/repos/boxcli/examples>

If you encounter issues make sure you installed both dotnet core and PowerShell.

Box CLI Install

Configure and install the Box CLI using the OAuth CLI Setup Quick Start. Make sure the user you use is an admin or co-admin.

Enterprise configuration

Run the script

Change the directory to the folder containing the script. In this example, it is the Integration Mappings folder.

rvb@lab:~/box-cli/examples/Integration Mappings$ pwsh
PowerShell 7.2.4
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.
Type 'help' to get help.

PS /home/rvb/box-cli/examples/Integration Mappings>

Run the script with EXTRACT to extract current mappings:

./integration-mappings.ps1 -Action EXTRACT


Run the script with UPDATE to update current mappings:

./integration-mappings.ps1 -Action UPDATE


Run the script with CREATE to create new mappings:

./integration-mappings.ps1 -Action CREATE -MappingPath ./mapping_create_example.csv

By default, the csv file will save to and load from ./mappings.csv. If you wish to change this location, you can pass in a new path like so:

./integration-mappings.ps1 -Action EXTRACT -MappingPath ./mappings_new_location.csv

If you don't specify parameters, the script will prompt you to enter them.

When the script run is completed, you will see the following output or a similar one.

When creating a mapping on a new channel, you must input a Box folder id, Slack channel id and Slack org id. You may use a Slack workspace ID in lieu of the org id. In that case, you would replace the csv column header SlackOrgId with SlackWorkspaceId.

Starting Process
Applying new mappings
Output [...]
All bulk input entries processed successfully.


Logs are stored in a logs folder located in the main folder. You have access to these log files:

  • Integration-mappings_all.txt that contains all log entries.
  • Integration-mappings_errors.txt that contains only errors.


This project is a collection of open source examples and should not be treated as an officially supported product. Use at your own risk and as a source of example how to use Box CLI.