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CLI bulk commands

CLI bulk commands

The Box CLI bulk commands help you to automate repetitive tasks. By adding a --bulk-file-path flag to your command, you are able to perform actions for many items at once.

For example, this command creates several folders using a CSV file specifying folder Name, Description, and the ParentId of the parent folder:

box folders:create --bulk-file-path <PATH_TO_CSV>/folders-create.csv

CSV templates

Predefined CSV templates help you to structure the data you want to manage in bulk. Templates reside in the Bulk actions directory, grouped into folders. The table below lists the currently available templates.

box collaborationsCreate, delete, and update collaborations.
box filesDownload, update, and upload files.
box foldersCreate and update folders, add metadata to folders.
box groupsCreate groups and add memberships.
box metadata-templatesCreate metadata templates and metadata cascade policies on folders.
box shared-linksDelete shared links.
box usersCreate and update users, move one user's content to another user.
box webhooksDelete webhooks.


To use bulk commands, you will need a Box application with OAuth 2.0 authentication. If you don't have one, go to your Developer Console, and follow the guide Setup with OAuth 2.0.

Set up and use bulk commands

  1. Clone the boxcli GitHub repository or download the files from Bulk actions directory.

    git clone
  2. Adjust the .csv template to your needs. For example, if you want to create several folders, you can use the folders-create.csv template as your starting point.
  3. Run the command.

    box users:create --bulk-file-path <PATH_TO_CSV>/folders-create.csv