Branding Guidelines

Branding Guidelines

We are glad you are using Box Platform, and we want you to be able to broadcast to the world that you are using Box. However, it is very important that your application not be mistaken for an official Box application. For this reason, we created a guide to using our name and logo.

Approved logos

Approved Box logos can be found in this Box folder.

Things to do

Inform users

Let users know when they’re connecting to Box.

Many apps feature a “connect to cloud services” menu, or something similar. In this case, you should feel free to use our name and logo to help people find us.

Contact us

We’re here to help. Many situations can be ambiguous, and we’ll absolutely work with you to make sure that your app works within our guidelines. Contact us with any questions.

Things not to do

Do not impersonate Box

Please don't call your application anything that might be mistaken for an official Box application.

This means no use of the word "Box" unless it’s abundantly clear that it’s not official. For example, "Unofficial Box Client" is certainly clear enough, while "Box App for Android" is not.

If you include your own brand name (for example, "My Company Box Client"), you’re probably fine. Nonetheless, this is probably the most ambiguous guideline, so please contact us if you have any questions, and we’ll get you sorted out right away!

In short though, this means:

  • Don't use our logo or any similar logo or part of our logo as the icon for your application.
  • Don't use our name or logo in any way inside your application that would make it look like it’s an official Box application.

Don't alter the 'Box' logo in any way when using it in your application.

Don't use older names

Don't refer to us as or Boxnet. Our company is known as "Box" only.