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Searching trash

Searching trash

By default, any content in the user's trash is ignored in the search results. To search the user's trash, the trash_content query parameter can be set to trashed_only.

curl -i -X GET "" \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>"
long offsetValue = 0;
long limitValue = 10;

BoxSearch boxSearch = new BoxSearch(api);
BoxSearchParameters searchParams = new BoxSearchParameters();

PartialCollection<BoxItem.Info> searchResults = boxSearch.searchRange(offsetValue, limitValue, searchParams);
BoxCollection<BoxItem> results = await client.SearchManager
    .QueryAsync("sales", mdFilters: filters, trashContent: "trashed_only");
Python"sales", metadata_filters=metadata_search_filters, trash_content="trashed_only")
    trash_content: "trashed_only"
  .then(results => {
    // ...

Currently the API only supports searching for content not in the trash (non_trashed_only, default) or in the user's trash (trashed_only). It is currently not possible to search for items in both locations at once.