Add Metadata Template to a File

Add Metadata Template to a File

Your metadata template needs to be applied to at least one file to ensure a result in step 4. There are two ways to do add a metadata template to a file: via the UI or via the API.


To apply metadata to a file using the UI, navigate to a file and open the preview. Use the Metadata tab and click Add. Find the metadata template created in step 1 and select a value. Ensure you click Save.

Select a Metadata Template Select a Value


To add a metadata template to a file you will need to use the create metadata instance on a file endpoint. You will also need the scope and templateKey template values from the previous step. Below is an example of what the API call looks like to apply the same metadata shown in the UI above.

Select a Metadata Template

Due to scale considerations a 403 error will returns when the metadata template is applied to more than 10,000 files or folders.