Slack Integration Mappings Setup

Slack Integration Mappings Setup

Before starting work with Integration Mappings API, perform the following steps.


Make sure you have an Admin or a Co-admin role.

Install and configure Box for Slack

  1. Install Box for Slack in the relevant Slack workspace or organizations.
  2. Enable the Box as Content Layer for Slack.
  3. Make sure the service account you are using is a collaborator on the folder that will be mapped. To do so, use the Invite People folder option to invite the service account as a collaborator.

If you encounter any errors, see the troubleshooting guide.

Create Box application

  1. Create a custom app with OAuth authentication in the Box developer console
  2. Open the application and enable the Manage enterprise properties application scope under Configuration > Application Scopes.

For Slack-side channel validation, the Integration Mappings API is calling the Slack API.


To authorize your Integration Mappings requests:

  1. Navigate to the custom app that you have created as one of the prerequisites.
  2. Generate a developer token and add it to the HTTP header of each request:
Authorization: Bearer {developer_token}

The developer token is valid for 60 minutes. After that time you need to generate it again.