Slack Integration Mappings Troubleshooting

Slack Integration Mappings Troubleshooting

As the Integration Mappings API performs different types of validation, some errors might occur. You can find descriptions and solutions to these common errors below.

Service account is not a co-owner of the folder

The Box as Content Layer for Slack service account must be added as an owner or co-owner of the folder to manage collaborations and uploads.

Box as File Storage for Slack (user id: 123, user email: must be a collaborator in role co-owner or owner
of the folder example123, before it can be mapped to the channel
example123. Please create a collaboration or ensure the ownership for
Box as File Storage for Slack and retry.`

To resolve this error use the data in the response to make sure the service account has the necessary role to perform the mapping.

"context_info": {
  "service_account_id": "12345678",
  "service_account_email": "",

Perform the following steps:

  1. Copy the service_account_email from context_info.
  2. In the folder settings, use the Invite People option to invite the service account as a co-owner.

Channel is already mapped to a folder in Box

API returns the following error when you attempt to create a mapping for a channel that already has a Box folder mapped:

Channel: example123 is already mapped to a folder in Box.

If you wanted to start using a new folder, use GET to retrieve the id of the mapping and then the UPDATE method to update the target Box folder.

Channel was not found

API returns this error if the Slack bot associated with the integration can not retrieve information about the channel.

Channel: example123 was not found. If it is a private channel, ensure that Box has been added to the channel.

Ensure that the partner_item is correct - make sure you provide slack_org_id for org installations and slack_workspace_id for workspace ones. If the channel is private, ensure that the Slack bot has been added to the channel.

Channel not suitable for Custom File Storage (CFS)

Channel: example123 is not suitable for CFS. Slack Connect channels with
a pending Connect status can not be mapped to Box folders.

Slack Connect channels (cross enterprise channels) are currently not supported as a part of Box as a Content Layer for Slack.

Box folder externally owned

Box folder selected for mapping must be owned by the enterprise that the Admin is part of.

Box folder: example123 cannot be mapped, because it is externally owned. Mapped folder must belong to the enterprise: example_enterprise.

Custom File Storage (CFS) turned off

API returns this error when you're trying to create the mapping for an enterprise that has Box for Slack installed, but did not enable Box as a Content Layer for Slack.

Box enterprise mismatch

API returns this error when there is a mismatch between the Admin’s enterprise and Box for Slack configuration. See Installing and using Box for Slack for information on how to enable Box for Slack.