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Log in to Box

Log in to Box

In this step, we will use the Client ID and Client Secret from the previous step to log you in and create an Access Token for your user.

The reason to log in

Currently you have provided us with the following information.

These credentials allow any program or piece of code to authenticate itself to the Box API. It represents the Box App you created but it doesn't tell the API who you, the User, are.

To authenticate yourself you will need to send your browser to the Box login screen to authorize your Box App to access to your User account.

Setting this flow up can be hard, which is why we have made this straightforward for you with the button below.

Log into your Box app

Incomplete previous step

Please complete the previous step to set up the Box App you want to use.


  • You logged into your Box account using your own Box App or our preconfigured app
  • You granted the Box App access to your account
  • You are able to see your account's Access Token and Refresh Token on this page