Postman Collection

Postman Collection

We are aware of the issue related to importing the collection into Postman, and are working on a fix. In the meantime, please make sure to download and use version 8 of the desktop application.

Postman is a tool that lets you build and test HTTP requests in an easy-to-use interface without configuring a full development environment. The Box Postman Collection is a set of preconfigured requests that make it possible to get started with the Box API without having to manually configure the requests.

The simplest way to get started with Postman is with our Postman Quick Start guide.

Get Started with the Box Postman Collection

Latest Collection

Clicking the following button will install our latest Postman collection. It is a complete Postman collection that covers every API endpoint and is auto-generated from our OpenAPI specification. It is expected to get many more updates including some to make authentication a lot easier.

Run in Postman

The Postman collection requires the Postman desktop app to be installed. The Box Postman collection does not support the now deprecated Postman Chrome application.