Configure a Box App

Configure a Box App

To start making authenticated API calls to the Box API with the Box iOS SDK, an Access Token will be needed. The simplest way to generate a valid token is to generate a new Box App and manually generate a short lived developer token.

The developer token is generated through the developer console UI and will be valid for one hour before having to be manually refreshed.

Set up a Box app

Create a new Box app

Create and configure a new Box JWT application from which a developer token may be generated.

Use an existing app

Use one of your existing Box JWT applications from the Box developer console.

Create a new Box app

To create a new Box application that may be used to generate a developer token, use the following steps.

  1. Go to the Developer Console
  2. Select Create New App
  3. Select Custom App as the type of application to create, and click Next
  4. Select OAuth 2.0 with JWT as the authentication method, and click Next
  5. Give your Box app a unique name and click Create App
  6. Go to the app's configuration by clicking View Your App.
  7. Optionally, scroll to the Application Scopes section of the same screen and select any additional permissions you want to enable for this application.
  8. At the top of the page click the button to Save Changes

Use an Existing JWT Box application

If you have an existing JWT based Box application in your developer console that you would like to use, skip to the next step.

Generate a developer token

Now that an application is available, we need to create a developer token that may be used to authenticate the Box iOS SDK to start making calls to the Box APIs.

  1. Go to the Developer Console
  2. Load the application that you would like to use
  3. In the left navigation menu, click on Configuration
  4. Under Developer Token, click the Generate Developer Token button
  5. Copy the token for the next step to make an API call


  • You created a new, or are using an existing, Box app
  • You have generated and copied the developer token