The event feed provides a way for an application to subscribe to any actions performed by any user, users, or service in an enterprise.

User vs Enterprise events

Depending upon the stream_type, the GET /events API enables subscribing to live events across the enterprise or for a particular user, or querying historical events across the enterprise.

User events

User events provides a low latency stream of events relevant to the currently authenticated user. This event stream is how Box keeps Box Drive up to date, but is also made available for developer use.

The emphasis of this feed is to return the complete results quickly, which means that Box may return events more than once or out of chronological order. Duplicate events can be identified by their event IDs.

Unlike the enterprise events streams, the user events stream does not support filtering for specific events. The three user events stream_types return slightly different subsets of the user events dataset for different purposes.

Stream Type
allReturns everything for a user (default)
changesReturns events that may cause file tree changes such as file updates or collaborations
syncIs similar to changes but only applies to synced folders

Enterprise events

Enterprise events provide an event feed for all users and content in an enterprise Box instance. Depending upon the stream_type your application can either subscribe to live events or query historical events. Access to these stream types is limited to users with admin permissions to Run new reports and access existing reports.

Unlike the user events stream, the enterprise events stream supports filtering based on event type but does not support long polling. Across the two stream types the dataset is exactly the same. Events can be deduplicated across the two stream types using their event IDs.

Stream Type
admin_logsEnables querying historical events up to one year
admin_logs_streamingEnables subscribing to live events in near real time

Live Monitoring

To monitor recent events that have been generated within Box across the enterprise, set the stream_type to admin_logs_streaming. This is also known as the Enterprise Event Stream API.

The emphasis for this feed is on low latency rather than chronological accuracy, which means that Box may return events more than once and out of chronological order. Events are returned via the API in near real time after they are processed by Box. A small delay/buffer ensures that new events are not written after your cursor position. Only two weeks of events are available via this stream_type.

Historical Querying

To query historical events across the enterprise up to one year old, set the stream_type to admin_logs. This is also known as the Enterprise Event History API.

The emphasis for this feed is on completeness over latency, which means that Box will deliver admin events in chronological order and without duplicates, but with higher latency than the user or admin_logs_streaming feed. Consuming events in near real time may lead to missed events as events can arrive later than your filtering window.