The event feed provides a way for an application to subscribe to any actions performed by any user or users in an enterprise.

User vs Admin events

The GET /events API provides a way to subscribe to events by users. By passing along a stream_type the application can subscribe to a set of different event.

User events

User Events provide low latency stream of events for the currently authenticated user.

The emphasis of this feed is to return the complete results quickly, which means that Box may return events more than once or out of order. Duplicate events can be identified by their event IDs.

The user events stream does not support filtering for specific events (like ITEM_CREATE) but does support filtering by stream_type to provide different streams for different purposes.

Stream Type
allReturns everything for a user (default)
changesReturns events that may cause file tree changes such as file updates or collaborations.
syncIs similar to changes but only applies to synced folders

Admin events

Admin Events provide an event feed for all users and content in an enterprise.

It requires the stream_type to be set to admin_logs and for the call to be made by a user with admin permissions to Run new reports and access existing reports.

The emphasis for this feed is on completeness over latency, which means that Box may deliver admin events with higher latency than the user feed. Unlike the user events stream, the admin events stream supports filtering for specific events but does not support long polling.