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Getting started with Box AI

Box AI API is a beta feature, which means the available capabilities may change. Box AI API is available to all Enterprise Plus customers.

To implement Box AI API in your solutions, you need to make sure you have access to the functionality. You will also need a custom application with enabled Box AI scope, and a developer token to authenticate your calls.

To use Box AI API, make sure it is enabled by an admin in the Admin Console. If you want to use the Box AI APIs in your sandbox, request access from the Box AI team using this form.

Create an application

First you need to create a custom application you will use to make calls. To create an application, follow the guide on creating custom apps.

Enable Box AI API access

To interact with Box AI API, you need the ai.readwritescope added for your application. Before you add the scope, make sure that the Box Admin has granted you the access to Box AI API. If you can't see the Manage AI option in your app configuration settings, contact your admin.

To add a scope:

  1. Open your application in Developer Console.

  2. Go to Configuration > Application Scopes > Content Actions

  3. Select the Manage AI scope. Box Platform will automatically include the scope when making the call. If you are added as an collaborator for a given app, but do not have Box AI API access, you will see the Manage AI scope checked and grayed out. This means the app owner has the AI scope enabled but you cannot change this setting.

    box ai scopes

  4. Submit your app for authorization or enablement. If you want to enable Box AI API for an existing application, you must re-authorize it.

Generate a developer token

You need a developer token to authenticate your app when sending requests.

To generate a token:

  1. Go to Developer Console > My Apps.
  2. Click the Options menu button (…) on the right.
  3. Select Generate Developer Token. The token will be automatically generated and saved to clipboard.

generate token

You can also open your app, go to Configuration > Developer Token and generate the token.

A developer token is only valid for one hour.

For additional details, see developer token. After you generate the token, you can use it in cURL or other clients, such as Postman, to make calls.