Box AI

Box AI

Box AI API is a beta feature, which means the available capabilities may change. Box AI API is available to all Enterprise Plus customers.

Box AI API allows you to use Box AI functionality in your custom applications. For example, you can implement Box AI question and answer functionality in your third party application, or generate content right in your product’s content editor.

Box AI API capabilities

Box AI API provides a number of capabilities designed to help you leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) in your application workflows.

Currently, you can ask Box AI to answer user questions, summarize the document content, or generate text you can use in your documents. You can also use Box AI for UI Elements to embed Box AI functionality in your apps.

Asking questions

You can use Box AI API to ask questions about the content, for example, while working on documents you store in Box.

Box AI can answer your questions about the content or generate a summary based on the file you supply.

box ai in documents

Have a look at Box AI for Documents to see an example of how users can interact with Box AI while working with their documents.

Generating text

You can use Box AI API to generate text from scratch, from existing text within a Box Note, or based on a given document in Preview. For example, you can ask Box AI to create a template or meeting agenda based on an article you are viewing in Preview.

Another example is Box Notes that uses Box AI to generate text and refine the already existing note content. For details, see Box AI for Notes.

box ai in notes

Box AI for UI Elements

Box AI for UI Elements is available in Content Preview allows asking questions about documents directly within custom applications. Check out how to use the Box AI for UI Elements to embed Box AI functionality in your projects.

Supported languages

Box AI works in a number of languages including English, Japanese, French, Spanish, and many more. However, the underlying models are primarily trained on English language documents. This means that prompts in other languages may return answers of lower quality than in English. Tests have shown satisfactory results for summarizing, checking grammar and spelling, and answering questions, but bear in mind that the results may be different than in English.

Switch the language to Japanese to get better results for this language.

Box AI API in User Activity Report (UAR)

User Activity Reports provide an overview of the actions the users are taking in Box. Box Admins use this report to view the actions made by their users within a given time period, and this includes interactions with Box AI. The report contains the following action types Box admins can select to get details for Box AI:

  • AI query: User queried Box AI and received a response.
  • Failed AI query: User queried Box AI but did not receive a response.