Custom Apps

Custom Apps

Custom Apps encompass most use cases and is the most flexible application type.

Custom Apps support OAuth 2.0 and JWT authentication. They allow the application to manipulate files and folders, as well as interact with tasks, legal holds, and other enterprise-level properties.

A custom application typically presents Box functionality to a user within a custom interface. Box offers pre-built user interface components known as UI Elements for functionality like browsing, search, viewing and more that can be customized, or you can build your own.

Authentication methods

Custom Apps support three different types of authentication that determine the abilities and restrictions of your application. The following is a quick overview of the key differences.

OAuth 2.0JWTApp Tokens
Requires user involvement?YesNoNo
Requires admin approval?NoYesYes
Can act on behalf of other users?YesYesNo
Do users see Box?YesNoNo
Can create App Users?NoYesNo

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When to use a Custom App

A Custom App is best used when the application:

  • Wants to use OAuth 2.0 or JWT authentication
  • Wants to upload and download files
  • Wants the freedom to access both their own files, as well as files owned by other users, even external users.
  • Wants the option to list the application in the Box App Gallery
  • Wants to provide integration into the Box Web App