The following is an overview of the different Box Application types you can create.

Application Types

Application TypeAuthentication Methods
Custom AppOAuth 2.0, JWT, or Client Credentials Grant
Limited Access AppApp Token
Custom SkillNo selection needed

Learn how to select an application type

App insights

Admins and co-admins can access the Platform Insights dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of the organization’s platform usage. This includes app-related data, such as:

  • The total number of API calls per application.
  • A list of top applications within the enterprise.
  • A list of pending application approvals.
  • A list of applications awaiting enablement.

See Platform Insights for details.

You need the following permissions to access and view Platform Insights:

  • View settings and apps for your company
  • Edit settings and apps for your company
  • Run new reports and access existing reports