Box Platform supports two distinctly different application types. The type of service you are trying to create determine the type of Box App you will want to configure.


The following is quick overview of the different Box Application types.

Application Types

App TypeAuth MethodFeatures & Limitations
Custom AppOAuth 2.0Web App Integrations, App Gallery, Webhooks
Custom AppJWTWebhooks
Custom AppApp tokenWeb App Integrations, Webhooks, Limited API access
Custom SkillNo authorization neededLimited API access

Learn how to select an application type

Additional App Types

A few addition App Types exist for legacy purposes. Please use the alternatives as specified below.

App TypeAuth MethodDescription
Enterprise IntegrationOAuth 2.0Equal to a Custom App configured with OAuth 2.0 authentication
Enterprise IntegrationJWTEqual to a Custom App configured with JWT authentication
Partner IntegrationApp tokenEqual to a Custom App configured with App Token authentication