Custom App

Custom App

Custom Apps encompass most use cases and is the most flexible application type.

A custom application typically presents Box functionality to a user within a custom interface. Box offers pre-built, customizable user interface components, known as UI Elements, for functionality like browsing, searching, and previewing content.

Authentication methods

Custom Apps support OAuth 2.0, JWT, and Client Credentials Grant.

Learn more about authentication methods

When to use

A Custom App is best used when the application:

  • Wants to use OAuth 2.0, JWT or Client Credentials Grant for authentication.
  • Wants to upload and download files
  • Wants the freedom to access both their own files, as well as files owned by managed or external users.
  • Wants the option to list the application in the Box App Center
  • Wants to provide integration into the Box Web App

Use cases

Example use cases for a Custom App include:

  • A file vault in an application that allows an end user to access files that have been shared with them, while also providing access for employees to the same files through the Box Web app.

    An example of this is financial advisor sharing statements and investment prospectuses with investors that can be viewed and commented on within a custom application.

  • A file upload feature in an application that allows an end user to submit and upload files from within a custom-built application to Box. These uploads then initiate a business process with the Box Web app.

    An example of this is a candidate submitting a PDF of a resume to a recruiting portal then can then be routed to an appropriate employee for review.


Custom Apps may require approval before use.

Learn how to approve Custom Apps