App Gallery

App Gallery

The Box App Gallery is the first place for Box users to find out about applications that they can use in combination with Box. If your application is suited to be used by other enterprises, listing your service in the App Gallery can be a great way to find new users.

Publishing an app

Use the following steps to publish an application in the App Gallery.


To publish an application you will need to pass the following requirements.

  • The application needs to be in a finished state, ready for production usage
  • The application should use OAuth 2.0 authentication as the App Gallery does not support JWT or App Token authentication.
  • You need to be a developer with access to the application in the Developer Console.

1. Log in to the Developer Console

Head over to the Developer Console and select your application to submit to the gallery.

2. Fill in the form

Select the "App Gallery" panel from the left-hand sidebar.

App Gallery panel

Click the button to "Submit My App".

Submit My App button

Then, fill in the form with your application's categories, a short and a long description, some screenshots and an app icon.

3. Preview the listing

Select the "Preview" button to see a preview of your application listing.

Preview and Submit

4. Submit for approval

Finally, submit the application for approval by clicking the "Submit for Approval" button.

Approval completion

Once an approval has been submitted, the partner team at Box will be notified about your request. They will follow up with the request to arrange for any testing instructions if needed. Similarly, the partner team will also reach out when the application has been published in the App Gallery.

For any questions, please feel free to email or the forum.

Unpublishing an app

Once approved and published, an application can be unpublished from the same control panel. Head over to the Developer Console and select your application. Then, select the "App Gallery" panel from the left-hand sidebar. The app can be unpublished from this page.