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Deprovision Users

Part of regular Box enterprise maintenance is removing accounts for users that are no longer active in your enterprise. When removing a user from your enterprise, you'll need to move all content owned by the user into another account before deleting the user account.

The delete user request will fail if the user account still has content in it. An optional force parameter is available in the API call, which will force delete the user account along with all content in the account.

The standard best practice when decommissioning a user account is to move all content owned by that user into another admin level account or into the application service account. Once moved, you can transfer ownership of the content to a different user or collaborate a different user on the content if needed.

Deprovisioning Example

Use the following code samples to transfer a user's content and then delete the user. When content is being transferred, a new folder is created in the destination user's root folder following this pattern: - employee_name's Files and Folders

'use strict'
const box = require('box-node-sdk');
const fs = require('fs');

let configFile = fs.readFileSync('config.json');
configFile = JSON.parse(configFile);

let session = box.getPreconfiguredInstance(configFile);
let serviceAccountClient = session.getAppAuthClient('enterprise');

const transferUserID = '3278487052';
(async () => {
    let serviceAccount = await serviceAccountClient.users.get('me');
    let transferredFolder = await serviceAccountClient.enterprise.transferUserContent(transferUserID,;
    await serviceAccountClient.users.delete(transferUserID, null);
Path configPath = Paths.get("config.json");
try (BufferedReader reader = Files.newBufferedReader(configPath,Charset.forName("UTF-8"))){
    String transferUserId = "3277722534";

    BoxConfig boxConfig = BoxConfig.readFrom(reader);
    BoxDeveloperEditionAPIConnection serviceAccountClient = BoxDeveloperEditionAPIConnection

    BoxUser destinationUser = new BoxUser(serviceAccountClient,
    try {
    } catch (BoxAPIException e) {}

    BoxUser removeUser = new BoxUser(serviceAccountClient, transferUserId);
    removeUser.delete(false, false);
using(FileStream fs = new FileStream("./config.json", FileMode.Open)) {
    var config = BoxConfig.CreateFromJsonFile(fs);
    var session = new BoxJWTAuth(config);
    var serviceAccountClient = session.AdminClient(session.AdminToken());

    var transferUserId = "3276247601";

    var serviceAccount = await serviceAccountClient.UsersManager.GetCurrentUserInformationAsync();
    var moveAction = await serviceAccountClient.UsersManager.MoveUserFolderAsync(transferUserId,serviceAccount.Id);

    await serviceAccountClient.UsersManager.DeleteEnterpriseUserAsync(transferUserId,false,false);
box users:transfer-content $transfer_from_user_id $transfer_to_user_id
box users:delete $transfer_from_user_id --yes