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Permanently Delete Web Link

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Permanently Delete Web Link

Once a web link has been moved to the trash, it will stay in the trash for 30 days by default before being purged. Administrators of Business or Enterprise accounts can alter the purge window. If you wish to permanently delete the web link from the trash before the purge window expires, make a DELETE request to /web_links/:web_link_id/trash using the trashed web link's ID.

curl -i -X DELETE "" \
     -H "authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>"
web_link = client.web_link(web_link_id='33333')
print('The web link was deleted from trash!')
TypeScript (Beta)
await client.trashedWebLinks.deleteTrashedWebLinkById(;
Python (Beta)
.NET (Beta)
await client.TrashedWebLinks.DeleteTrashedWebLinkByIdAsync(webLinkId: weblink.Id);