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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The Box API allows administrators to configure Terms of Services for working on Box, and for users to accept & re-accept Terms of Services for custom applications.


Terms of Services

A Terms of Service is a enterprise-level record that represent the conditions within which all users are allowed to work with an enterprise's data in Box.

There are currently two types of Terms of Service for any enterprise that can be enabled independently. The Managed Terms of Service can be enabled for the enterprise's own users, where the *External Terms of Service can be enabled for users from other enterprises that collaborated in on the primary enterprise's data.

Terms of Service User Statuses

A Terms of Service User Status represents the status of the Terms of Service acceptance for a specific user. There is exactly one Terms of Service User Status for any given combination of Terms of Service and a user.

There are multiple Terms of Service User Statuses for any Terms of Service, specifically one for each each user.

There could be multiple Terms of Service User Statuses for a given user. The user could accept or reject multiple External Terms of Services for different enterprises they have been collaborated into, in addition to accepting or rejecting their own enterprise’s Managed Terms of Service.


Applications that are authenticated as a Box Admin that has the Edit settings for your company permissions can view, create, and edit Terms of Services for their enterprise via the API.

Additionally, application can view and accept Terms of Services for a regular user via the API.


The following scopes should be granted to the application in order to take the outlined actions.

  • Manage Enterprise Properties: Required to enable or edit the enterprise's settings for Terms of Services as well as to view them for external users.
  • Manage Users: Required to accept Terms of Services for other users.