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List Items in Collections

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List Items in Collections

To list all files, folders and web links in a folder call the GET /collections/:id/items API.

curl -i -X GET "" \
     -H "authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>"
BoxCollection<BoxItem> items = await client.CollectionsManager.GetCollectionItemsAsync(id: "11111");
BoxFolder folder = new BoxFolder(api, "id");
for (BoxItem.Info itemInfo : folder) {
    if (itemInfo instanceof BoxFile.Info) {
        BoxFile.Info fileInfo = (BoxFile.Info) itemInfo;
        // Do something with the file.
    } else if (itemInfo instanceof BoxFolder.Info) {
        BoxFolder.Info folderInfo = (BoxFolder.Info) itemInfo;
        // Do something with the folder.
items = client.collection(collection_id='12345').get_items()
for item in items:
    print(f'{item.type.capitalize()} "{}" is in the collection')
client.collections.getItems('81934', {fields: 'name', limit: 2})
	.then(items => {
		/* items -> { total_count: 24,
			[ { type: 'folder',
				id: '192429928',
				sequence_id: '1',
				etag: '1',
				name: 'Stephen Curry Three Pointers' },
				{ type: 'file',
				id: '818853862',
				sequence_id: '0',
				etag: '0',
				name: 'Warriors.jpg' } ],
			offset: 0,
			limit: 2 }
TypeScript (Beta)
await client.collections.getCollectionItems(!);
Python (Beta)
.NET (Beta)
await client.Collections.GetCollectionItemsAsync(collectionId: NullableUtils.Unwrap(favouriteCollection.Id));

The only collection that is available via the API is the "Favorites" collection. The ID of this collection is different for every user.