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Cancel Box Sign Request

A Box Sign request, that has not yet been signed or declined, can be cancelled using the cancel Box Sign request endpoint. Any outstanding signers will no longer be able to sign the document.

Only the user who created the request, the requester, is able to cancel it. A request cannot be cancelled if it was declined, fully signed, or the document is still converting.

curl -i -X POST "<SIGN_REQUEST_ID>/cancel" \
     -H "authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>"
BoxSignRequest cancelledSignRequest = await client.SignRequestsManager.CancelSignRequestAsync("12345");
BoxSignRequest signRequest = new BoxSignRequest(api, id);
BoxSignRequest.Info signRequestInfo = signRequest.getInfo();

sign_request = client.sign_request(sign_request_id='12345')
cancelled_sign_request = sign_request.cancel()
print(f'Cancelled Sign Request status is {cancelled_sign_request.status}')
const signRequest = await client.signRequests.cancelById({
	sign_request_id: 12345,
console.log(`Sign request id ${} cancelled`);
client.signRequests.cancelById(id: "1234") { (result: Result<SignRequest, BoxSDKError>) in
    guard case let .success(signRequest) = result else {
        print("Error cancelling sign request")

    print("Sign request \( is cancelled")