Rate Limits

Rate Limits

There are three common types of API call rate limitations that Box may use at its discretion to best protect network resources and preserve the quality of our customer experience.

User based

These rate limits protect our service from issues that may arise when a single user generates too much traffic. The number of API calls that a user can make in a minute is limited as described below. These limits apply to all Box user accounts and are the most common. Generally, they are initiated when a user exceeds approximately 1000 API calls/minute, but certain API endpoints may have different rate limits.

Quality of service

These rate limits are designed to protect the quality of service of our infrastructure. If there is resource contention in the infrastructure, we introduce automatic rate limits to prevent system degradation and outages. For instance, if an application happens to be accessing the same physical database server, such as the use of a file migration tool accessing related resources that access the same underlying physical resources, Box may impose temporary rate-limits when load spikes and adjust them as the system recovers.

Licensing based

All Box Business Plans come with a licensed number of permitted API calls per enterprise per month. These license based rate limits are designed to prevent excessive overages and misuse of network resources. If Box's infrastructure detects that a tool used by or on behalf of a customer has exceeded that customer's API license allocation or is intending to circumvent network controls, additional selective rate-limiting may be imposed. You can see the default API allocations licensed with a particular account level at our pricing page, but note that some customers purchase Platform API Pricing plans that increase their allocation.

Per API rate limits

There are currently a few distinct rate limits in place within the Box API.

  • General API calls
    • 1000 API requests per minute, per user
  • Uploads
    • 240 file upload requests per minute, per user
  • Search
    • 6 searches per second, per user, to the search endpoint
    • Two additional limits are applied on top of the basic rate limit
      • 60 searches per minute, per user
      • 12 searches per second, per enterprise
  • Box Sign
    • Create and resend sign request: 100 requests per minute, per user
    • Get sign request: 1000 requests per minute, per user

Rate limit error

When an application hits a rate limit, the API will return an API response with a HTTP status code of 429 Too Many Requests.

The response will include the following headers and JSON body.

retry-after: 100
  "type": "error",
  "status": 429,
  "code": "rate_limit_exceeded",
  "help_url": "https://developer.box.com/guides/api-calls/permissions-and-errors/common-errors/",
  "message": "Request rate limit exceeded, please try again later",
  "request_id": "abcdef123456"

Please see the Client Error resource for more details.

The retry-after header provides guidance on the number of seconds to wait before the next API call can be retried. In general, we advise using an exponential back-off strategy for retrying API calls.