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    Create upload session for existing file


    Creates an upload session for an existing file.



    Path Parameters

    stringin pathrequired

    The unique identifier that represent a file.

    The ID for any file can be determined by visiting a file in the web application and copying the ID from the URL. For example, for the url https://* the file_id is 123.

    Request Body

    stringin bodyoptional

    The optional new name of new file

    integer / int64in bodyrequired

    The total number of bytes of the file to be uploaded


    application/jsonUpload Session

    Returns a new upload session.

    application/jsonClient Error

    Returns an error if the file already exists, or the account has run out of disk space.

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    Request Example

    curl -X POST \
         -H "Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>" \
         -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
         -d '{
           "file_size": 104857600
    file_size = 26000000
    file_name = 'test_file.pdf'
    upload_session = client.folder('22222').create_upload_session(file_size, file_name)
    print('Created upload session {0} with chunk size of {1} bytes'.format(, upload_session.part_size))

    Response Example

      "id": 11446498,
      "type": "upload_session",
      "session_expires_at": "2012-12-12T10:53:43-08:00",
      "part_size": 1024,
      "total_parts": 1000,
      "num_parts_processed": 455,
      "session_endpoints": {
        "upload_part": "",
        "commit": "",
        "abort": "",
        "list_parts": "",
        "status": "",
        "log_event": ""