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    Create metadata on folder


    Creates a piece of metadata on a folder based on the specified template.

    Only values that are present in the metadata template will be accepted.



    Path Parameters

    stringin pathrequired

    The unique identifier that represent a folder.

    The ID for any folder can be determined by visiting this folder in the web application and copying the ID from the URL. For example, for the url https://* the folder_id is 123.

    The root folder of a Box account is always represented by the ID 0.

    stringin pathrequired

    The scope of the metadata template

    Value is one of "global", "enterprise_<id>"

    stringin pathrequired

    The name of the metadata template



    Returns an instance of the template that was specified, with the custom template data included.

    application/jsonClient Error

    If the piece of metadata already exists, a conflict error will be returned. The metadata can then instead be updated with the PUT method.

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    Request Example

    curl -X POST \
         -H "Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>" \
         -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
         -d '{
           "audience: "internal",
           "documentType": "Q1 plans",
           "competitiveDocument": "no",
           "status": "active",
           "author": "Jones",
           "currentState": "proposal"
    var metadataValues = new Dictionary<string, object>()
        { "audience", "internal" },
        { "documentType", "Q1 plans" },
        { "competitiveDocument", "no" },
        { "status", "active" },
        { "author": "M. Jones" },
        { "currentState": "proposal" }
    Dictionary<string, object> metadata = await client.MetadataManager
        .CreateFolderMetadataAsync(folderId: "11111", metadataValues, "enterprise", "marketingCollateral");
    BoxFolder folder = new BoxFolder(api, "id");
    folder.createMetadata(new Metadata().add("/foo", "bar"));
    metadata = {
        'foo': 'bar',
        'baz': 'quux',
    applied_metadata = client.folder(folder_id='22222').metadata().create(metadata)
    print('Applied metadata in instance ID {0}'.format(applied_metadata['$id']))
    var metadataValues = {
    	audience: "internal",
    	documentType: "Q1 plans",
    	competitiveDocument: "no",
    	status: "active",
    	author: "Jones",
    	currentState: "proposal"
    client.folders.addMetadata('11111', client.metadata.scopes.ENTERPRISE, "marketingCollateral", metadataValues)
    	.then(metadata => {
    		/* metadata -> {
    			audience: 'internal',
    			documentType: 'Q1 plans',
    			competitiveDocument: 'no',
    			status: 'active',
    			author: 'Jones',
    			currentState: 'proposal',
    			'$type': 'marketingCollateral-d086c908-2498-4d3e-8a1f-01e82bfc2abe',
    			'$parent': 'folder_11111',
    			'$id': '2094c584-68e1-475c-a581-534a4609594e',
    			'$version': 0,
    			'$typeVersion': 0,
    			'$template': 'marketingCollateral',
    			'$scope': 'enterprise_12345' }

    Response Example

      "$canEdit": true,
      "$id": "01234500-12f1-1234-aa12-b1d234cb567e",
      "$parent": "folder_59449484661,",
      "$scope": "enterprise_27335",
      "$template": "blueprintTemplate",
      "$type": "blueprintTemplate-6bcba49f-ca6d-4d2a-a758-57fe6edf44d0",
      "$typeVersion": 2,
      "$version": 1