CLI Installation and Configuration

CLI Installation and Configuration

Installers are available for Windows and macOS. However, the raw source-code is available if you would like to build the CLI in other environments.

Windows & macOS Installers

To install the latest CLI on your machine, download the latest .exe for Windows or .pkg for macOS for the latest release.

Download the latest CLI installer

Linux & Node install

Additionally, the CLI can be installed as a Node package on any platform, including Linux. For this to work you will need to have Node JS installed on your machine.

npm install --global @box/cli

Source Code

The source code for the CLI is available via GitHub.

Run configuration command

You will now need to configure the CLI to point to to the configuration file downloaded in step 1.

CLI Configuration Diagram

Open your terminal or command line and execute the command: box configure:environments:add PathToConfigFileHere, replacing PathToConfigHere with the path to your config.json file.

For example: box configure:environments:add /Users/ExampleUser/Documents/CLI/config.json

You can drag the csv file from the Finder/File Explorer to the terminal/command line window to auto-populate the path.

Confirm configuration

To confirm successful configuration, use the command box users:get.

A successful response will provide details about the Service Account user associated with your Access Token:

Type: user
ID: ''0123456789''
Name: Box CLI - Quickstart Example
Created At: '2020-01-01T09:45:01-07:00'
Modified At: '2021-03-01T09:30:05-07:00'
Language: en
Timezone: America/Los_Angeles
Space Amount: 999999999999999
Space Used: 6291500
Max Upload Size: 16106127360
Status: active
Job Title: ''
Phone: ''
Avatar URL: ''
Notification Email: []

By default, JWT applications automatically obtain an Access Token for the Service Account. It is possible to change the default user, but this guide assumes you do not do this.


  • You installed the CLI
  • You configured the CLI to point to your application's configuration file
  • You confirmed the user associated with your Access Token