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    Metadata Template Patch Item

    A patch operation for the changes to make to the metadata template.

    The possible operations are as follows.

    • addEnumOption Adds an enum option at the end of the enum option list for the specified fieldKey.

      Example {"op":"addEnumOption","fieldKey":"category", "data":{"key":"New Option"}}

    • addField Adds a field at the end of the field list for the template.

      Example {"op":"addField","data":{"displayName":"Category", "key":"category","hidden":false,"type":"string"}}.

    • editTemplate Allows for editing the base properties of a template, mainly the displayName and hidden properties.

      Example {"op":"editTemplate","data":{"displayName":"Client"}}.

    • reorderEnumOptions Reorders the enum option list to match the requested enum option list.

      Example {"op":"reorderEnumOptions","fieldKey":"category", "enumOptionKeys":["option2","option1","option3"]}

    • reorderFields Reorders the field list to match the requested field list

      Example {"op":"reorderFields","fieldKeys":["field2","field1","field3"]}

    The following changes can affect existing instances of this template.

    • editField Edits any number of the base properties of a field, mainly the displayName, hidden, description, and key properties.

      If the key is changed, existing values of the specified field are migrated to the new key. Search indexes are updated, which can take time depending on how many files are affected by the change.

      Example {"op":"editField","fieldKey":"category", "data":{"displayName":"Customer Group"}}

    • editEnumOption Edits one of the options of an enum field.

      Example {"op":"editEnumOption","fieldKey":"years","enumOptionKey":"2011", "data":{"key":"2020"}}

    • removeEnumOption Removes the specified enum option from the specified enum field.

      Example {"op":"removeEnumOption","fieldKey":"years", "enumOptionKey":"2011"}

    • removeField Removes the specified field from the template.

      Example {"op":"removeField","fieldKey":"brand"}

    associative array

    The data for the operation. Can vary depending on the operation.

    New name
    string array

    For operations that affect multiple enum options, the keys of the enum options to be affected.

    string array

    For operations that affect multiple fields, the keys of the fields to be affected.


    The operation type to perform on the template.

    Value is one of "addEnumOption", "addField", "editTemplate", "reorderEnumOptions", "reorderFields", "editField", "editEnumOption", "removeEnumOption", "removeField"

    Response Example

      "op": "addEnumOption",
      "data": {
        "displayName": "New name"
      "fieldKeys": [
      "enumOptionKeys": [