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    Metadata Template (Writable)

    The writable parts of a metadata template that can be applied to files and folders

    Product Info4096

    The display name of the template

    The ordered set of key:value pairs for the template.


    Whether this template is hidden in the UI


    The scope of the object. global and enterprise_* scopes are supported.

    The global scope contains the template with a key of properties, while the enterprise scope pertains to custom templates created within the enterprise.

    The ID of the enterprise will be appended to the enterprise scope.


    A unique identifier for the template. The identifier must be unique across the scope of the enterprise to which the metadata template is being applied.

    Response Example

      "scope": "enterprise_123456",
      "templateKey": "productInfo",
      "displayName": "Product Info",
      "hidden": true,
      "fields": [
          "type": "string",
          "key": "category",
          "displayName": "Category",
          "description": "The category",
          "hidden": true,
          "options": [
              "id": "f7a9895f",
              "key": "category1"