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    Invite user


    Invites an existing external user to join an enterprise.

    The existing user can not be part of another enterprise and must already have a Box account. Once invited, the user will receive an email and are prompted to accept the invitation within the Box web application.

    This method requires the "Manage An Enterprise" scope enabled for the application, which can be enabled within the developer console.



    Query Parameters

    string arrayin queryoptional

    A comma-separated list of attributes to include in the response. This can be used to request fields that are not normally returned in a standard response.

    Be aware that specifying this parameter will have the effect that none of the standard fields are returned in the response unless explicitly specified, instead only fields for the mini representation are returned, additional to the fields requested.

    Request Body

    objectin body

    The user to invite

    stringin bodyoptional

    The login of the invited user

    objectin body

    The enterprise to invite the user to

    stringin bodyrequired

    The ID of the enterprise



    Returns a new invite object.

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    Request Example

    curl -X POST \
         -H "Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>" \
         -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
         -d '{
           "enterprise": {
             "id": "1232234"
           "actionable_by": {
             "login" : "" 
    BoxUser user = new BoxUser(api, "0");
    user.invite("Enterprise ID", "Invited User Login");
    enterprise = client.get_current_enterprise()
    invitation = enterprise.invite_user('')
    client.enterprise.inviteUser('1345', '', callback);

    Response Example

      "id": 11446498,
      "type": "invite",
      "invited_to": {
        "id": 11446498,
        "type": "enterprise",
        "name": "Acme Inc."
      "actionable_by": {
        "id": 11446498,
        "type": "user",
        "name": "Aaron Levie",
        "login": ""
      "invited_by": {
        "id": 11446498,
        "type": "user",
        "name": "Aaron Levie",
        "login": ""
      "status": "pending",
      "created_at": "2012-12-12T10:53:43-08:00",
      "modified_at": "2012-12-12T10:53:43-08:00"