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    Delete Webhook

    Delete Webhook

    To remove a webhook from a file or folder in Box you will need to provide our API with the ID of the webhook to remove.

    curl -X DELETE \
         -H "Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>"
    await client.WebhooksManager.DeleteWebhookAsync("11111");
    print('The webhook was successfully deleted!')
    	.then(() => {
    		// deletion succeeded — no value returned

    Webhook ID

    To find the ID of the webhook, use the List all webhooks endpoint.

    Additional reasons for deletion

    Using the API is not the only way a webhook can be deleted.

    The following reasons can cause webhooks to be deleted.

    1. Deleting a Box application deletes all webhooks associated with the application.
    2. Deleting all access tokens associated with a webhook.
    3. If webhooks could not be delivered for a system-determined amount of time then Box automatically removes the webhook.

    In all of these cases Box would send a webhook payload with the WEBHOOK.DELETED event name to the notification URL. In this case the body of the payload will include the following additional information.

    "additional_info": {
      "reason": "auto_cleanup"